SCAMP – die Geschichte von einem tapferen kleinen Kerl!

Liebe Besucher von…. Hier die Geschichte von Scamp. Wir durften ihn bei Freida kennenlernen, den tapferen kleinen Kerl, der noch etwas unbeholfen läuft, aber ganz viel Spaß am Leben hat. Seine ganze Geschichte, wie schon desöfteren, als Originalzeilen von Freida.

Wer Freida für ihre aufopfernde Arbeit eine Spende zukommen lassen möchte, kann sich gerne an uns wenden. Sie braucht für ihre Arbeit unsere Unterstützung.

Sie wollen Freida helfen?! Schreiben Sie direkt an Brigitte Urbasik,

It was about 2 years Sunday morning I received a phone call from an English woman who told me that her husband had been driving to work and some distance from his vehicle he had seen 2 small dogs thrown from the back of a pick up truck onto the road side and he had heard 2 gun shots. He then saw a large Golden retriever being thrown from the back of the truck into the middle of the road. The road whilst remote is  wide and vehicles travel fast along it.



His wife had gone  to the scene and was standing over the large dog but could not move her and was asking for my help.We managed to get a blanket under the large dog and drag her to a safe place.MEANWHILE   we looked for the 2 small dogs. When we discovered them. One was dead, The second one (SCAMP ) Whilst he looked dead his small front leg was waving and  so we picked him up. There was great deal of blood around his head but we could see no injury.Back at my place whilst giving Scamp  adrenalin and cortisone injections, I did not expect him to live and concentrated my efforts on the large Golden retriever who was still refusing to make any attempts to get up.THE FOLLOWING  morning i took them both to the vet, The retriever was not injured just shocked.THE SMALL black and white dog remained unconscious and was put on a drip and xrayed. HE HAD BEEN SHOT IN THE HEAD. Whist some of the shot was in his ears, Some was in his eye and it would need to be removed.The blood had been from his tounge which he had bitten  a large hole in. The vet kept Scamp for  2 days and then told me there was nothing more he could do. Whilst he had a  slight swallowing reflex ,he  remained in a semi conscious state and refused to eat or drink. He suggested euthanasia. I decided to take him home and try to see what could be done. If there was no progress in one week then I would take him  to be  euthanised. The photos tell the story. I put him in a cage for safety on the verandah.I managed to give him food and water by syringe.But he showed no desire to stand up. So I made him a sling from a towel  and every hour i put him in it for increasing lengths of time, starting with just one minute. ( I did this once with a very elderly sheep and it worked very well )  SURE ENOUGH  once his feet could feel the ground Scamp seemed to try harder.TODAY  HE IS BEAUTIFUL BOY, GRANTED HE DOES TEND TO WALK IN  THE ODD CIRCLE IF HE IS  TRYING TO GET FROM A TO B, BUT THESE ARE LESS NOW AND  are TO DO WITH HIS BRAIN DAMAGE. WE NEEDED TO REMOVE HIS INURED EYE . He is a sweet boy and we all love him and so glad that we persevered.. Freida and Colin.

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