Erfolgsgeschichte Lexi

Lexi hatte einen tollen Start in ihr zweites Leben. Sie hat sich super eingelebt und hat ihrer neuen Familie aufgetragen einen Brief an Claire zu schreiben. Diese Zeilen wollen wir euch nicht vorenthalten.

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Hello my dear Claire, I´ll tell you more from my new life…

today we did a long walk again, I´m on a long lead so I can run here and there  . My new mum begins to teach some things with me and she said I´m a good girl! She always says come here!  And ok, so I go to her. I make sit and down for her, I really would like to make good everything 🙂 Also very good is, on our way are very much rabbits…it smells fantastically there!!

But this don´t talk to her: this morning she goes for working and I was jumped on the workingplace of the kitchen (a high of 90cm), so I can see out of the window!!! I think she don´t like this?

At night I´m quiet, Mum and Dad have to sleep, so I also sleep.
Soon she will go to school with me, because I have to learn not to bark to other people. But I bark only to them when they speak to me….and than I go behind my mum! 🙂 I also have to learn to go better by lead.

I think mum and dad are ok, I like them already very much…and I feel that they like me also so much, today she gave me kisses of my head 🙂

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