Erfolgsgeschichte Andreas

we are the family who`s got the Puppy “ Andreas “ last August. I`ve found him in the Internet and fell in love with him right away!!! The whole family wantet to meet him and take him home, because we`ve lost our 11 year old shi-tzu in June 2008. As we went to take a look at Andreas we had to drive about 3oo km.


The guestfamily showed us Andreas and all of us wantet to take him home with us. He was very friendly to all of us, we played with him and he enjoyd it, so we took him to our home at the mosel river. The first few days he was a little bit afraid, followed me everywhere what is normal to a little puppy. He learns very fast, we had a trainer lady at our house for 5 hours, she’ll come in spring again. He is the sunshine of the family, everybody loves him. We spend a lot of time with him, walking and playing and at nighttime he sleeps between my husband and me, you will see on a foto. He loves greec lives, beef bones, sometimes what I cooked and of corse he gets Dogfood. We brush him almost every day, he doesn’t like it so much but we do it anyway. We are so happy that we got Andreas, we changed his name to “JOEY”.   You are always welcome to visit him at our house.
Thank you so much for taking care of JOEY while he was in your country, now we take good care of him.

Angela, Stefan, Nico, Jana and Daniel van den Bergh

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